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Yogi Spotlight: Kendra Storey


Recognizable in class as one of our most stylish yogis, Kendra Storey took the time to chat with us about her practice and her upcoming travels…


What was your first yoga experience?

My first real yoga class was just over 10 years ago and it was an Ashtanga flow class – I also remember when I bought my first pair of lulu’s in Vancouver, I think that was the initial motivator to ge…

Tips for 30 Day Challenge Success


This year’s 30 Day Challenge was met with an amazing response with dozens upon dozens of participants committing to a month of daily hot yoga practices.  We are well into week number two, and with that we wanted to pass along a few tips to help you thrive during the remaining days.


Enjoy Your Company

You’ve got a pretty amazing group of people on this journey with you. …

Post-Yoga Smoothie


Before class we all like to make sure we’re drinking plenty of water, but once completed a relaxing Savasana it’s time to re-fuel. Finding a post-class snack that refreshes and replenishes is more than just a welcomed treat – it’s also very important in ensuring you maximize the benefits from all that hard work. Combining a light protein with a good sourc…

Posture Lesson: Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-Facing Dog

Also known by the traditional name Adho Mukha Svanasana, downward-facing dog is a posture that all yogis are familiar with. As a part of both the sun salutation series as well as most transitions in a vinyasa flow class, it is one of those postures that can very quickly become routine. There are many benefits to be found in this familiar pose, and by taking an extra breath or two to bring …

Spin & Yoga: The Perfect Pairing


Keeping some variety in your health routine is a great way challenge both your body and your brain, and certain combinations of activities will actually work together to provide you with additional benefits! Spin and yoga is one of those fantastic combinations – a match made in heaven and here’s why…

Muscle Health

The yin and yang of these two workouts balance and strengthen …

Wanderlust Festival 2013

Wanderlust Whistler 2012 - Mario Covic (002)

Whether you’ve just recently settled into your practice or you’ve been practicing for years, Wanderlust is definitely a festival you should check out for a mini mid-summer escape. An experience that combines yoga, music and amazing food, we are so lucky to see a canadian stop so close to home! Whistler will host an amazing community of artists, culinary creators and …