Yoga Class Etiquette

These rules and suggestions help maintain an enjoyable environment for everybody.

  • Classes begin promptly and are subject to room capacity. Please arrive at least 15 min early to sign-in. The doors will be closed once class begins.
  • Please keep your voices low once you enter the building as others may be in meditation.
  • Please turn your cell phone off the moment you enter the building; this ensures everyoneʼs privacy in the change room and a peaceful experience.
  • If you have reserved online, your spot will only be held until 10 minutes prior to the class start time.
  • There are no lockers in the changing rooms. Please donʼt bring any valuables.
  • Personal items will not be permitted in the yoga room. You only need a mat, towel and water.
  • Towels and mats are available for rental.
  • Always respect the silence within the room. Please enter very quietly so you do not disturb the other students in class.
  • Please abstain from wearing perfume as the hot temperature amplifies odors.
  • We practice quite close to each other. Please wash your yoga mat and clothes regularly so that your fellow yogis have an enjoyable class.
  • If you smell of alcohol or cigarettes then you will be asked to leave the studio.
  • Practicing in your underwear will not be permitted.
  • Stay in the room until the instructor closes the class with “Namaste.” Out of respect for your instructor and fellow students we start class and finish class
    together. If you cannot stay for the entire class then we ask that you donʼt take the class.
  • If you sweat a lot then please bring an extra towel to wipe the floor around your mat.
  • You will see that there are bird stickers on the yoga room floor. Please line up the top center of your yoga mat with a bird sticker.
  • Take it easy. Donʼt be scared off by the heat – but donʼt push yourself too hard, either. Go at your own pace and listen to your body over the instructor. You donʼt have to do everything your first time! If you need a break, then just lie down, breath, and take some water. Please stay in the room. If you leave, then the instructor will have to stop the class to check on you.
  • Hydrate, and hydrate some more. Come to class well hydrated, eat lightly 2-3 hours prior to your practice, and drink plenty of water during and after your class. Adding electrolytes can also be beneficial.