My yoga practice began about 6 years ago, when I “accidentally” stumble into a class at my gym.  The instructor was visiting from Brazil, and while temporarily there, had set up classes at our small town gym.  My first experience was so uplifting. I felt lighter in my mind and spirit and knew it was something that I would continue to practice. And yet, for a long time, several years, weightlifting and running maintained my priority. I would fit yoga in my schedule as an extra only when I had the time.

Looking back now I can honestly say that my focus at that time was vey ego based, focusing on the appearance of my physical body. I had given birth to my second child, and wanted to lean out and tone my frame.  As time went on, and the yoga community in my town grew, I began to attend classes more regular. Enjoying the diversity of yoga and its effects. Changing feelings of melancholy to contentment. Bringing a clear mind and a healthy energized body.

Coming from a family where yoga, holistic and metaphysical thinking was not the norm, it has been an interesting integration in my life.  As I began to increase my knowledge on the mind/body connection, my path became clear. I went to India to complete my alliance yoga teacher training. Once I returned home, I began teaching at that same local gym where I had had my first yoga experience. I hope to do more than guide people into asanas.

As I have learned, yoga is more than a work out, it is work in. I believe in the power of yoga to help us live a soulful mindful life in a crazy world. Small changes in our lives bring about even bigger changes.