Yoga has had a presence in my life since 1998. As an active person, with a love for running, yoga was simply a way to prevent injury and to promote flexibility. But after several injuries, yoga found me when I needed it most.

Yoga was the only activity that my tired body could tolerate. I committed to a regular practice of Hot Yoga and Ashtanga and I quickly realized that yoga was something much deeper than stretching tired, achy muscles. I had initiated a process of “letting go” of everything that no longer served me, by connecting to my breath. My yogic journey into self – discovery had begun, and the seeds of yoga had taken root in my heart. What had started as purely an asana (posture) practice has blossomed into the desire to share my love and knowledge of yoga and its benefits with others.

I am very fortunate to have found my teacher, Rameen Peyrow, and Sattva Yoga. I completed a 200 hour Teacher Training through The Sattva School of Yoga in March 2011. I am inspired daily by Rameen’s teachings and for this I am truly grateful. The more I let go of the past and expectations for the future, the more I soften into the present moment. Furthermore, I strive to show myself compassion while I practice so that it may resonate off of my mat and into the lives of my family, friends and so on. Through asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation, I have been able to cultivate awareness for my body, breath and mind, and to find stillness. This is what I hope to share with my students.

I am on a path to embracing all that is good and wonderful in my life, especially my dharma (role) as a wife to David, and mother to Isabella and Simon. It is only because of the unwavering support of my husband and children that I am fortunate enough to be on this life – long journey. They are my true teachers and I am eternally grateful to them.

“Rest deeper into the inspired moments and act from this place.” – Rameen Peyrow