I discovered a sweaty and deep love for hot yoga six years ago when I melted into puddle on my mat after my very first class. I walked up to the desk and signed up for my teacher training that very day. I have been going hard ever since. Yoga is personal to me, I find it difficult to describe the way it makes me feel but if I can sum it up in one broad word…LOVE. I feel love vibrating off my students when I teach, I soak up love from every twist, turn, stretch and sit up! I love to teach classes that move together as a group, in synergy and with strength and energy. There are many things I have learned about myself and others while being at the front of the room, but I truly believe you learn the most from your own mat! I am just here to tell you how to do it right. I believe a strong yogi does not need to do a hand stand or a bind; I believe as long as you are here and on your mat, working to become a better version of yourself, my job as a teacher is accomplished.