Posture Lesson: Eagle

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It’s a posture that both challenges and settles you, requiring clear focus and a steady gaze to reach deeper into its numerous benefits.  Eagle, also known as Garudasana, is practiced early in the standing sequence as a preparatory pose to ready your joints and muscles for the following postures.  On it’s own, however, Eagle offers many unique benefits, specifically to some of our most important joints and ligaments.  From head to toe, the joints from the wrist all the way to the ankle will see an increase in circulation and flexibility, as the body moves into the beautiful shape for which this posture is well known.  No matter where your experience level falls with this standing pose, one of the most important things to remember is that it’s your breath that will open you up into a deeper expression of the asana.  Take a moment during your next class to really draw your attention to where your breath is needed.  By focusing your intention on those tighter spots in your body, you will create new opportunity to move further into the benefits that Eagle has to offer.