Yogi Spotlight: Charles Beddoe

5613_111936086750_1472168_nFrom a very young age, Charles Beddoe knew he wanted to spend as much time as possible in, on and near the ocean.  After having completed his Open Water Diver  certification at the age of 13, Charles continued to reconnect with the water whenever possible.  It was after having spent time living in India and returning home to work at a local dive shop, Charles discovered freediving.

There are many different individual disciplines housed under the umbrella term freediving, which all essentially involve holding your breath for as long as possible.  Sounds simple, right?  Some of us might think that a lap of the pool without air is a record worthy accomplishment, and for some it probably is, but in the world of freediving, these athletes are spending minutes – upwards of 5 or 6 minutes – without taking a breath, all the while reaching depths that impose tremendous pressure on both their bodies and their minds.

After finding quick success in the some of his preliminary open water dives, Charles began to dedicate his time and energy to exploring just how far his body will take him and by beginning to compete internationally.  At the end of May 2014, Charles will travel to the Cayman Islands to challenge the national record in no limits apnea and the world record in variable weight apnea.  We are so excited to be able to support Charles over the next few months as he trains for this incredible challenge!  Yoga has become an important part of preparing both mind and body for the stresses of life 500 feet underwater, and we will keep you updated throughout the next few months on how hot yoga is helping get Charles to his goal!