Yoga Class Etiquette

Arrival and Set Up

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to sign-in. As you enter the hot room, do so quietly. This ensures silence in the room and does not disturb those in meditation. The doors will be closed once class begins.

Mat Alignment and Set Up

Please align the top centre of your mat with the sticker on the floor. If you’re new or need to modify postures, please set up at the back of the room so you do not mislead others. Bring in an extra towel to wipe up the floor around you if you tend to sweat over your mat.

Valuables and Personal Items

Please do not bring any valuables as there are no lockers in the change rooms. We will not be held responsible for missing items. A mat, towel and water are all that are required inside the hot yoga room.

Talking and Cell Phones

Please set cell phones to silent when you enter the studio. To ensure everyone’s privacy and safety, cell phones cannot be used inside the change rooms or the hot yoga room.

Scents and Odours

Please abstain from wearing perfume as the heat amplifies odours. Cigarette smoke will not be tolerated. As we practice quite close to each other, hygiene is very important. Wash your yoga mat and clothes regularly so that your fellow yogis have an enjoyable class.

Stay in the Room

Stay in the room until the instructor closes the class with "Namaste". Out of respect for your instructor and fellow students, classes start and finish together. If you cannot complete an entire class, we ask that you do not attend.

Take it Easy

Do not be scared off by the heat. Go at your own pace and listen to your body. Take rest if you need to, you do not have to do every posture. Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries or medical concerns.

Remember to Hydrate

Come to the studio well hydrated. Eat lightly 2-3 hours prior to your practice. Drink plenty of water during and after your class. Adding electrolytes can also be beneficial.




We are a Team

We start class together and we finish together. If you are not able to stay for the full 50 minutes, we ask that you do not take the class.

Spin Shoes

Spin shoes are to be worn in the spin room only. Please remove your shoes before leaving the room, even it’s just to use the washroom.

Caution Spinning Wheels and Weights

Be careful and do not walk in front of spinning wheels. Always put the weights on the floor before adjusting your handlebars. Ensure that the adjustment knobs are properly secured.

Easy Rider

We move through the class as one, however, it is essential that you listen to your body and go at your own pace. If you need to take a break, reduce the tension on your bike and pedal slowly, and please STAY IN THE ROOM! Staying on your bike will ensure your safety and will help to maintain the positive energy in the room.

The Front Row

The front row sets the example for the class; if you’re having an off day, please pick a bike in the back row so you can modify your ride without leading anyone astray. New students, please set yourself up in the 2nd or 3rd row.

Talking in Class and Cell Phones

Just don't do it! Please put your cell phones away and enjoy the ride. No cell phones allowed in the spin room.

Fresh Gear

Nobody wants to be "that smelly spin guy or girl" so please make sure you wash your spin clothes after each use.

Safety Tips

The Schwinn spin bike is a fixed wheel. This means that in order to stop, you must gradually slow your pedal strokes rather than stopping abruptly. If you do need to stop immediately, push down on the red resistance knob.