4 Ways to Find Stillness


By creating space for rest and stillness in your day, even for a few minutes, your inner self can begin to express the emotional patterns and stressors that are negatively affecting you. Developing a calm awareness of your thoughts is the key to staying steady and on the mindful path towards your best self.

Put your phone away: Imagine the effects on your mind when you beam light and information directly into your eyes when you’re trying to wind down. If it seems counterproductive, that’s because it is.

Relax your nervous system: Try reading a book, journaling, or a short series of restorative yoga poses to give your body and mind gentle cues that it’s time to chill.

Start and end your day with meditation: Instead of hitting the snooze button in the morning, hit pause with a 10-minute meditation. This will set your day off on a focused,
supported foot, and push aside the frantic energy so many of us are used to in our

Uncover negative thoughts and remind yourself of the positive: Sometimes uncovering your negative beliefs about yourself is as simple as writing them down. The trick is to start shifting your mindset to the positive by reframing the negative. Refocusing your mind on
the positive will help you keep your focus there, and slowly transform your inner beliefs.

Ris W