Spinning for a Healthy Heart



“I now work hard at spin for my heart and lungs and don’t pay as much attention to the outside.” - Michelle Caputo, Crowfoot client

When it comes to attending spin class, you are doing your body a favour by treating it like nothing short of a temple. The benefits that come from spinning fulfill an extensive list of health, fitness and lifestyle needs for a wide range of people. In fact, heart health is the most obvious benefit of spinning. After all, it has been said that the most important benefits of spinning are invisible.

The cardiovascular activity subsequent to spinning has been proven to:

    •    help lower the risk of coronary artery disease
    •    lower blood pressure
    •    lower cholesterol
    •    lower your overall resting heart rate

Not to mention that spinning will simultaneously help shed excess weight by burning hundreds of calories and of course allow you to connect with like-minded people within your community. A healthy heart and happy mind for a healthy and happy life, accomplished in the stroke of a pedal! 

One of our avid spinners at Hot Yoga on Crowfoot & Spin was kind enough to share with us her story, a reminder that committing to exercise is not all about achieving the perfect body, but rather it is about improving and maintaining a healthy body, inside and out. 

“I’m 54 years old and have a significant heart history in my family. My brother died last month of a heart attack at 62, another brother had quadruple bypass surgery at 59, and my mom had 3 blocked vessels at 68.

My doctor decided to check my cardiac blood flow by doing a myocardial perfusion imaging test on me, which is basically a treadmill stress test with a injection of thallium so that they can take pictures of your heart. When I did the stress test, I noticed my resting heart rate was 50. I was surprised as the last time I checked it was in the high 60-70s. As I was on the treadmill the technicians were really surprised and asked if I was a marathon runner and I said "No, I go to spin class". They were surprised and said my level of fitness was what they see in people who usually run marathons! I told them about my spin routine at Crowfoot and they were very impressed. I did 14 minutes on the treadmill before my heart rate went into the target zone for my age group. They said most people usually ask to stop at the 6-8 minute mark.

When I went back to the MRI machine the tech said "I heard about you!". I was so proud of myself. No one had ever said anything like that to me ever before. You forget about your inside body and look for changes in your outside body. I owe it all to spin and working hard as a orthopaedic nurse!

Thank you for sharing, Michelle!