Shannon Provencher

Yoga Instructor

Shannon is passionate about getting out of her comfort zone, and finding new ways to challenge herself and those around her. That's probably why she has spent most of her life in school. Now, she spends her days working to find new ways to use water sustainably, and to protect this finite and important resource.

Originally from Vancouver Island, she carries that island girl vibe with her into the yoga room. She might seem sweet, but you will be challenged and empowered to work to be your very best in each moment you spend on your mat. Shannon works to create a sense community in and out of the room - this is the stuff that will get you out of the house and onto your mat. Shannon provides you the freedom to make your class your own, and the drive to push yourself to make the impossible become possible. In her class you will find a safe place to try new things, get messy, and push yourself to new heights. Come as you are, not as you think you should be.