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ADAM Onulov

SPIN Instructor

“The only thing I ever expect from anyone in my class is to work as hard possible, and leave with more confidence than what you came with.” says Adam. In his class you can expect to hear all the good club sounds with a focus on twerk, booty bass and rap (or booty and swag as he likes to call it). When not inside the cardio cave, Adam is working full-time as an architect. During his free time, he enjoys playing football (aka soccer), running stairs, road cycling or planning his next trip to South America or Asia. Be sure to take a class with this creative rising star before the world of architecture, style and travel lure him away from us.


Amber Rotar

Yoga Instructor

Amber’s classes are nothing short of amazing. She will have you transitioning from pose to pose with the subtle pace and depth as if moving through thick, warm honey. Not only will you experience the sweetness of every breath, you will indulge in the deep meaning of each one of her meticulously spoken words. But don’t let this yogi fool you! Under the layers of softness and compassion, she possesses an exciting edge. She has a penchant for loud explicit rap music and an obsession with fast, sexy cars. For Amber, teaching yoga never feels like work. Instead, she feels finding yoga has given her the gift of living out her life’s passion.


Andrea ARMSTRONG-Naderi

Yoga Instructor + STUDIO MANAGER

Andrea first landed on a mat in 2004.

It was NOT love at first practice. While Andrea was tempted to leave many times during her first class, she repeatedly told herself "Naw, must stay."

Andrea could not deny the positive effects yoga had on her mind, body and soul. She found herself planning her days around the practice and wanting to share this new-found passion with others.

Andrea will push you outside your comfort zone while encouraging you to get out of your own way. This former professional figure skater and math teacher still mixes up her right and left, sometimes has trouble counting and still gets dizzy. With her sharp wit and infectious enthusiasm, you will thoroughly enjoy Andrea's class.



Yoga + Spin Instructor

This Lululemon Ambassador is an energetic and outgoing, Calgary born and raised, spin-yogi. She is a true personification of “yang meets yin” with her love of spin and her deep connection to yoga. Lose yourself in Ashley’s heart pounding beats, as her classes promise to be the musical and physical journey that will transform your body and mind.

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Brittany Alamag

SPIN Instructor

Brittany Alamag, aka. “B”, shares the same nickname as Beyonce - and flair for style. This may have something to do with the fact that she has a Bachelor’s of Applied Interior Design Degree and works as a full time Interior Designer on the side.

Stepping into one of Brittany’s classes you can expect diverse music with a focus on gangster rap. And expect her happy and bubbly demeanor to evolve into a highly motivational instructor. When not at the spin studio she is with her first love, hot yoga, circuit training or participating in any outdoor sport.


Brittney Hruska

SPIN Instructor

Brittney Hruska is a storyteller and connection junkie. She is finishing a degree in communications and a diploma in broadcast journalism, so her whole life revolves around her passion: connecting with people and moving through their stories with them. In her class prepare to sweat, dance, laugh and feel inspired when listening to throwback rock, pop, hip hop and maybe even some country. No matter where you are physically, her goal is that you leave feeling more aligned with your heart, mind and body. When she isn’t at spin class or building stylish social media campaigns and throwing fun events for local businesses, she can be found at Kalamalka lake in British Colombia surfing or drinking margaritas.


Brody Haugrud

Spin Instructor

This energetic world traveller promises to take you on a heart pumping journey every single ride! When you’re in Brody’s class the vibe is thick and the movement fast and smooth. With a carefully curated soundtrack, and ever changing choreography, you will be physically and mentally challenged to work outside of your comfort zone. Stay clipped in because Brody will have you on the edge of your saddle wanting more.


Bronwyn Hendry

Yoga Instructor

Bronwyn is a spirited vinyasa + yin yoga teacher. She has a passion for intelligent and creative sequencing—which means no two classes are ever exactly the same. She loves music and is always on the hunt for the next best tune to add to her ever-evolving playlists.

Growing up, this Calgary native spent her summers in southern California and attended post-secondary in San Diego, where she studied Communications + Journalism. In addition to teaching yoga, Bronwyn works on the social media team for lululemon and as a freelance writer for numerous publications both online and in print. Bronwyn loves to get outside and enjoy the outdoors which means you can usually find her skiing in the winter months and rock-climbing, mountain-biking and surfing in the summertime.


Callie Tetz

Yoga Instructor

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Carly Itzcovitch

Spin Instructor

Carly is a purveyor of LOVE, SWEAT and GEARS! While studying Real Estate, this native Calgarian makes it her priority to push you to your limits. When not at the studio you’ll find Carly enjoying the restaurant scene and all things local. Her classes will make you sweat, smile, dance and crush your fitness goals!


Daniel Stuart

Yoga Instructor

Discipline is this yogi’s middle name. His dedication to the ancient Korean art of Taekwon-Do has earned him a 3rd degree blackbelt, heavily influencing his teaching style. Daniel is a true embodiment of East meets West as he magically weaves the discipline of martial arts, with creative sequencing and specially curated playlists. Be prepared to step out of your yogic box to reveal your inner WARRIOR.


Elmira Barry

YOGA + Spin Instructor

Elmira is the sort of person you imagine when you imagine what the owner of a fitness and wellness business may look like. She is rarely seen without lycra and advertises the body one gets from doing spin and yoga and words like organic and kale and positive energy flow easily and authentically from her mouth. Together with her husband Paul, they own and instruct at both of the studios. She is also a mom to 2 gorgeous teenage girls who keeps her own on her toes daily.


Erica Leong


Bio to come.


Erin Eastick

Spin Instructor

Make sure you get your caffeine fix before hitting Erin’s fast paced classes! You’re going to need it! This high-energy Calgarian will keep you on your toes, working the brain, and the body! Erin’s fresh outta school, having just finished her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, while specializing in Biomedical Engineering. When she’s not on the bike, she’s probably hanging out with her two massive dogs, thinking about her favourite meal of the day (breakfast, obviously).


Hayley Zokol

Spin Instructor

Hayley’s positive, bubbly, energy is contagious and her mega watt smile lures anyone in who attends her classes. She used to bring this energy to working with the city’s less fortunate and has since decided to completely focus on fitness and well being.

In Hayley’s classes you can expect EDM, mashups and r&b throwbacks, with perhaps the very occasional rock cameo. "I was a competitive dancer, across all styles, growing up (hip hop, lyrical, modern, contemporary and ballet)."


Heather Baird


Bio to come.


Julie Hanson

Yoga Instructor

This blue-eyed blondie teaches yoga from a place of deep knowing. Despite being diagnosed several years ago, with degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis and a bulging disc, Julie greets each of her students with a sunny disposition and her kind nature. Julie tried everything to help manage her pain from medication to various treatment modalities, but it all came down to yoga as being her ONE true therapy. After practicing for a short time, Julie was pain free and became inspired to share the magical healing power of yoga with others. Julie is one tough yogini!


Karen Kamar

Yoga Instructor

This aspiring structural engineer eloquently weaves her love of creative design and architecture into her inspiring sequences. Karen’s classes have a strong focus on stability and alignment, helping you build strength, flexibility and balance both physically and mentally. In addition, Karen’s vibrant and peaceful energy will encourage you to discover the beauty in transitions and to flow with a sense of lightness. Be prepared to embrace the artist within you one breath at a time.


Katie Ellwood

Yoga Instructor

This yoga cutie radiates pure sweetness. After taking her first class in 2009, it was love at first sweat and hot yoga quickly became Katie’s therapy – mind, body, and soul. Katie brings her gratitude for the practice of yoga to every class, inviting her yogis to crave connection and have the courage to get vulnerable on their mat. She may be small, but she packs a burst of energy and happiness into every class she teaches.


Kwad Mponponsuo

Spin Instructor

The community, the feeling of a fast beating heart and even the soreness and breathlessness that come with a good ride are all factors that motivate Kwad. His hope is to push others beyond their comfort zone of their current physical prowess. He firmly believes that we only change for the better when we are challenged and that comfort only serves us well for so long. His ride models that belief. You will leave feeling sore, sweaty, challenged but with a smile on your face.

Off the bike, Kwad can be found lifting heavy things and putting them down or walking the halls of the hospital at night as an Internal Medicine resident. With his time off he can often be found in a foreign country avoiding deep waters, as he cannot swim- but finding something tall to climb, hike or jump off. He maintains his performing arts roots by playing guitar and singing in a choir his spare time.


Lacey Smith

Yoga Instructor

“Do whatever makes your heart sing.”  These are the words that this tattooed Lululemon Ambassador chooses to live by.  With a deep love for heavy metal music, long weight sessions at the gym, and a good ol’ cuppa coffee, Lacey lives each day with intention and passion.  Sweat sessions are the reason this beauty wakes up everyday with excitement – knowing that she can move and challenge her body with the hope that she will inspire others to do the same.  Lacey’s classes will make YOUR heart sing with every beautiful breath, perfectly timed vinyasa, smooth transition and gravity defying arm balance.


Lana McGillivray

Yoga Instructor

Lana’s exploration into yoga began over 10 years ago when she was looking to supplement her personal training background. She ventured out of her hometown of Calgary to enrol in her first teacher training in San Diego. She has since been passionately instructing and sharing her overflowing admiration for yoga since. 

Playfulness, exploring, and adventure are a few qualities that Lana adores both on and off her mat. She loves a good challenge, a good sweat, and is obsessed with music. She is beyond grateful to guide others on their yoga journey on a daily basis. 

If you don’t catch her in a class, you’ll probably find her hitting the stairs, at the gym, with her dear family or friends, or somewhere in the tropics.


Liam Kronlund

Spin Instructor

This adventure seeker has gone from equestrian riding, on a farm outside of Calgary, to riding spin bikes in the big city. When he’s not clipped in, you’ll find him sailing on the Mediterranean sea, summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro, trekking the Inca Trail or skydiving over the Andes.  But he doesn’t just bring guts and glory to the podium. He is currently working on obtaining his Masters in Science at the U of C and aspires to work abroad as a Pediatric Oncologist. Liam truly lives for the moment and his enthusiasm for life is the driving element that pushes his spin classes to the max!


Marco Sarro

Spin Instructor

Marco is a born and raised Calgarian who brings his fun-loving sense of humour and positivity into the spin room every time he teaches. Fitness and keeping fit is Marco’s addiction/hobby and he believes it’s essential to helping one live a happy healthy life. He explains that the genuine connection he makes with people in each 50 minute session is what motivates him to teach and you can expect a fun and challenging class with a little Italian/Latin flare when you come to one of his classes.


Matt Cornfield

Spin Instructor

This Calgary native may be an accountant by day but don't let that fool you... You can expect an incredible amount of energy as soon as he hits the podium. Matt lives for old school hip-hop and any throwback that will make you want to sing along and get lost in the beat. His classes will help you test your limits and push a little past yesterday to reveal what you are really made of!


Melissa Salomons

Spin Instructor

Melissa Salomons, or Mel for those who are short on time, brings a kind, easy-going and energetic vibe to the studio. Once a competitive soccer player, with over 10 years of experience, Mel now brings that athletic performance to her spin classes. ”I expect our guests to arrive with an open mind and a willingness to be pushed harder than they thought they could. I am inspired to work harder when I see them giving it their all. I in turn inspire them. It’s symbiotic!”


Nicole Anna

Yoga Instructor

Small town girl born, raised and proud. I am full of a whole lot of love and energy. Outside of yoga, I live for my family, trips to the Okanagan and the amazing outdoors. Living my whole life as a competitive athlete, a runner. I discovered a whole new world 8 years ago, which became one of my most cherished passions today: Yoga. I completed 200 hours of YTT in Costa Rica, Nov 2015. Inside the yoga room, I want to spice up your life. I want you to move with the music, dance through your practice(I LOVE FLOW CLASSES). I want to make you sweat, detox and shake your chakras. I want you to enjoy your asana- as if you chose it. I want you to feel your strength , energy, your power and always allow your soft, authentic self to surface. Are you ready for it?


Paul Barry

Spin Instructor

Engaging in a battle of wits with Paul will only have you ensnared in his charming English accent and dry sense of humor.  Paul was born and bred in Salisbury, England and moved to Alberta in 1998, bringing with him his education, love of mathematics and his cycling legs. Once in Calgary, Paul’s passion for cycling and fitness propelled him into starting 3, wildly successful, spin and yoga studios.  When Paul is not pushing you to crush your goals on the saddle, he is deeply enjoying time with his beautiful wife and two busy daughters whether travelling or simply doing everyday stuff.  With every pedal stroke and every bead of sweat, Paul’s intention is to instill confidence in each of his riders that we all have a special gift, because greatness is not just for the chosen few. 


Peter Vetere

Spin Instructor

Peter is a fun, hardworking, easygoing, lifelong Calgarian, who has been teaching with HYC since 2015!  When he's not spinning to throwbacks and top 40 remixes, he works as a Pediatric Resident at the Alberta Children's Hospital. In the little spare time that he has, Peter enjoys hiking, snowboarding, football and spending time with friends and family. This “SPIN DOCTOR” strives to bring the strength, confidence, and sweat out of each rider.


Roham Pahlavan

Yoga Instructor

Make sure to hit up one of Roham’s energetic classes! Lots of attention, positive vibes, and great beats will help you through some of the strongest and hottest classes at the studio. You will soon know why his classes are sometimes referred to as the “Ro-Ferno”.


Ryan Zimmerman

Spin Instructor

Ryan's sense of humor and energetic choreography deliver a challenging workout with Track of Truth attacks that will get that heart rate climbing and push you to your limits. His passion for teaching is fueled by hearing how his classes are helping people achieve their fitness goals all while having fun. As a former national competitive gymnast, you may even catch Ryan doing backflips to compensate for his lacklustre personality!

When he’s not teaching at Hot Yoga on Crowfoot, Ryan works as a full-time project manager in construction and as a permanent make-up tattoo artist. If confronted, Ryan will likely deny being obsessed with the X-Men, and may or may not have an entire back piece tattoo as homage to Psylocke.


Sarah McLeod

yoga Instructor

Sarah is a native Calgarian who began teaching fitness classes in 1999 while attending the Faculté Saint Jean. When she returned to Calgary to teach High School, she continued to instruct group fitness classes and obtained further personal training certifications. Following a knee injury, Sarah returned to her dance background and began incorporating that and her martial arts training into many of her classes. A lifelong learner (or a glutton for punishment), Sarah went back to school in 2004 to obtain her LLB and later on her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification. An avid runner and cyclists, Sarah is an Ironman 70.3 finisher, a lover of jujubes, and self-proclaimed queen of “punch dancing”. She loves teaching and the energy that is shared and radiates when groups connect in movement!


Shaima Ibrahim

yoga + Spin Instructor

Shaima is a bit exotic. Not just because she is from Egypt or because she is a world class Muay Thai competitor. Not just because she is a unique blend of professional accountant, yoga instructor, spin instructor and mother to a young daughter. It is because she has a flamboyant personality that has made her an inspiration to a very loyal following.

“When people come to my class I expect them to leave their issues at the door and to focus on themselves. I want the greatest version of themselves in class. I want each person to be a source of strength for those around them because they never know who they could be inspiring”.


Shannon Lamb

Yoga Instructor

Shannon has been teaching yoga for the past 3 years after doing her training in vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, restorative, and meditation in Indonesia. Off the mat she is an ICU nurse by day and by night making it easy to see how she comes honesty by her love of intensity in her life, teaching style, and personal practice. Her classes will push you to your limit, and allow for the creation of mental space, and strength that is integral to growth in the practice of yoga.


Shannon Provencher

Yoga Instructor

Shannon is passionate about getting out of her comfort zone, and finding new ways to challenge herself and those around her. That's probably why she has spent most of her life in school. Now, she spends her days working to find new ways to use water sustainably, and to protect this finite and important resource.

Originally from Vancouver Island, she carries that island girl vibe with her into the yoga room. She might seem sweet, but you will be challenged and empowered to work to be your very best in each moment you spend on your mat. Shannon works to create a sense community in and out of the room - this is the stuff that will get you out of the house and onto your mat. Shannon provides you the freedom to make your class your own, and the drive to push yourself to make the impossible become possible. In her class you will find a safe place to try new things, get messy, and push yourself to new heights. Come as you are, not as you think you should be.


Shauna Thomas

Yoga Instructor

Shauna is a fun-loving mama of two who's classes will both challenge and restore you, inspiring you to peel away the layers that are holding you back. When she's not teaching, she's spending time with her family and dogs outside exploring the city and mountains


Simone Zabik

Yoga Instructor

Enjoy peace and calm in Simone's class. A passion for meditation and pilates, she will make sure you engage your core and let go of the mental chatter. Join her class because you can and leave with an inner smile.

Simone is RYT-200 certified in Hatha and Kundalini yoga, 50hr meditation and STOTT pilates mat & reformer.


Sukhwinder Uppal

Yoga Instructor

One of Calgary’s original Hot Yoga instructors, Sukhwinder has been teaching since 2003 and it’s evident to see her love for the practice grows each year. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her classes. Offering a disciplined practice but delivers it with a unique blend of kindness, compassion, lightness and fun. Sukhwinder has an uncanny ability to simultaneously ground you while inspiring you to tap into your determination, and power.

A single class with her will having you stepping off of your mat feeling like anything’s possible.