Who We Are

We are a Calgary-based fitness company with two conveniently located studios. We offer a variety of yoga classes focusing on strength, flexibility and balance, for all levels of practice at both of our studios. To complement your fitness routine, we offer spin classes at our Crowfoot location for a high-intensity full-body workout that will lengthen and strengthen muscles, build core stability, and tone biceps and triceps to challenge your body and mind. We are dedicated to inspiring mindful movement and creating a place of community that is accessible for all levels of practice. We are a sanctuary for you on your journey to find a deeper connection with yourself and with others.

Eco-aware Construction

At our studios, we have a commitment to our students and the environment. We pay attention to the details and use high-quality building materials that are better for you, your practice and the world around us.


  • Ensures fresh and clean oxygenated air moves through the space at all times while maintaining the hot temperature and humidity in the room


  • Our yoga studio walls are made with natural clays, recycled and reclaimed aggregates
  • Natural clay compounds create a negative charge in the space to increase your capacity to utilize oxygen making you feel more energized and boosts serotonin in the body
  • VOC-free paints to ensure a toxic-free environment

We Are Green

  • We use all-natural, earth-friendly cleaning and sanitary products
  • Faucets, shower heads and toilets are built to reduce water usage by 20% without sacrificing performance
  • Highly efficient washing machines, HVAC system and hot water tanks to create less waste and minimize our environmental impact
  • Studio cushioned flooring is ergonomically designed, made with 26% recycled content, microbial resistant and LEED compliant
  • shower facilities
  • shower and sweat towel rentals
  • complimentary spin shoe rental
  • hair dryer and toiletries
  • post-workout chilled face towels
  • filtered water
  • a curated collection of yoga apparel, mats, water bottles and more!
  • a complimentary selection of teas